Thumbs Up! Magic Sakura El Asombroso árbol en Miniatura, Rosa Precio: 12,55 (Fecha 30/11/2021 11:42 PST- Detalles)


Bring out your Zen like qualities with these beautiful Magic Sakura Trees, the amazing miniature trees that really blossom. Sakura is the name of the Japanese cherry tree which produces pink blossom each spring. The trees play an important role in Japanese life, taking pride of place outside most schools and civic buildings, and when the blossom finally falls, Hanami (flower viewing) parties are held beneath their branches.Well now you cánido have a Hanami party in your very own home or office with these miniature Magic Sakura Trees. The tree measures in at a convenient 13.5cm high, making it the perfect size for that empty space on your desktop or sideboard. It’s made of paper and is remarkably easy to equipo up and maintain.Simply unfold and stand it up, then sprinkle over some of the included magic water, and within a few hours the beautiful pink blossom will begin to bloom. So all you have to do is sit back, bathe in the glorious blossoms and write some Haikus about your tree.
Un planta arbórea en miniatura en galantería
Medidas 13,5 cm de agudo
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